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    Digital platform for European Rail Freight
    Welcome to RailData
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    RailData facilitates collaboration
    With its management and professional team, RailData not only runs IT tools,
    but also facilitates international collaboration between railway undertakings.
    In total 28 companies from 22 European countries use our systems
    and coordinate steps at common meetings.
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    Some figures about our size
    RailData operates one of the largest information systems in Europe.
    Our central applications hosted in cloud at Amazon process i.e. about
    800 000 wagon status events and 7 000 consignment note messages each day.
    We monitor hundreds of thousands of freight cars and shipments.
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    Developing for the future
    RailData constantly improves and enhances its tools and services.
    We develop new functions, monitor data quality and modernize our systems.
    In example, we implement new communication interfaces (REST APIs).
    We also support the TAF implementation and improve the Telematics TSI Specifications.
    RailData also contributes to the Rail Freight Forward initiative through the Digital Platform project,
    aimed to promote and improve railway as the most ecologic mode of transport.

What is RailData

RailData is special group of the UIC (International Union of Railways) which develops and runs IT services for European rail freight undertakings.

Our Services

RailData helps to fulfil the needs of freight rail customers with a set of IT systems. Our tools are the core element for digitalisation of international rail transport.


Wagons Status & Tracking

A common tool of ISR railway undertakings for concentration and exchange information about movements of freight wagons in international traffic through a central platform.


Consignment Data Exchange

It ensures the exchange of railway CIM consignment notes and CUV wagon notes data between the co-operating railway undertakings (RU) using a Central Data management System (CDS). 



Central database of freight wagons, where authorized companies can find who is wagon’s keeper and mainly which railway undertaking is currently commercially responsible for the wagon.


Web Data Interface

The aim of WDI (Web Data Interface) is to offer to RUs having low or small IT facilities a user-friendly web interface to operate electronic message exchange with RailData railway undertakings.


Handover Quality Mangement

This agreement lays down rules for the transfer of interoperable freight trains and wagons between participating Railway Undertakings (RUs).


RailData Users

Most European major freight railway undertakings use RailData systems. Overview of the companies, which use at least one of our services is given in the picture below.

RailData Users Map

RailData Partners

RailData provides its services in collaboration with the following partners.

Contact Us

Find out the location of our office and the different ways to contact us so that we can answer your questions or provide you with the support you need.



Digital Platform Of European Rail Freight


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UIC - RailData, 16 rue Jean Rey, Paris, France F-75015

+49 7641 54385

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