RailData continuously follows latest trends and monitors needs of its current and potential users. Based on these activities, RailData proposes and works on concepts for additional functions and services.

DP-RAIL Project


UIC-RailData is consortium member of the Digital Platform for Rail Freight (DP-RAIL) project. This EU funded project aims to achieve a decisive leap towards completing the SERA by transforming the current fragmented data exchange landscape through the set-up of a TAF-TSI compliant common interface enabling easy data provision and consumption for all RUs. DP-RAIL is intended as sector utility platform to cover inter-company and cross-border data flows. RailData’s team is involved in detailed specifications of the uses cases and the RailData systems will communicate with the DP-RAIL prototype.



As part of general modernisation, RailData is going to implement new communication interfaces to access ISR and ORFEUS. The intention is to develop REST API (Application Programming Interface) for receiving and sending data messages. In addition, JSON messages can be defined based on existing WSM and ECN messages. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format, easy for humans to read and write. It is easy for machines to parse and generate since it Java-based. For sure the existing FTP interface and the XML messages shall be supported also in the future.



An internal study investigates the possibilities and different options in how to connect GPS wagon sensor data to the ISR Track & Trace system. A preliminary document is available for further discussion with Expert Groups and membership management representatives. Many wagon keepers equip their wagons with GPS position reporting devises, but this information is not available to RU’s, who transport these wagons. ISR could receive the GPS wagon data and use it for several purposes. With information from other sources, ISR can identify which RU is involved in current wagon run and make the GPS data available for this RU.

Digital Platform Of European Rail Freight


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