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UIC-RailData and Xrail signed agreement for co-development of the "Mobile application for railfreight services" (MARS).

In order to shift more volumes from road to rail and achieve the goal of 30% modal share by 2030, the European Rail Freight Operators organized under Rail Freight Forward initiative are ready

Current Wagon Status Message (WSM), designed in 2012, was used in the years for a number of additional functions, built as snowball. Consequence of this evolution is, that the message structure is not object oriented, not user friendly and includes useless elements. In the meantime, other messages were developed for some specific purposes and some new requirements arrived.  

RailData is implementing new version 1.5 of the ORFEUS message called Electronic Consignment Note (ECN). Same time also new message flow (scenario for exchange of functional messages) will be introduced. 

The new version: 

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