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What Is WDI

The aim of WDI (Web Data Interface) is to offer to RUs having low or small IT facilities a user-friendly web interface to operate electronic message exchange with RailData railway undertakings.  


WDI Functions


WDI enables to capture data for the Train composition pre-advice message for the collaborating railway undertaking, which will take over the train. When completed, the tool sends out so called Hermes 30 message to the partner RU. In opposite direction, WDI can receive H30 messages from RU partners, who are going to hand over a train. It makes the data available for the WDI user.


WDI also allows capture wagon status information (e.g. arrival, departure or delivered), which is then sent to the ISR application. This way, tracking of wagons is also possible at first/last mile operators.

How It Works

WDI is web based tool with forms to capture train, wagon and consignment information, supported with reference data, logical checks and other features to ease the data input. Once all data is entered, the tool creates H30 message and sends it to selected RU partner.

Partner RUs can also send H30 messages into the WDI and the WDI User can see the train data on the web, with option to print or download the data for internal use.

The data once captured or received for a train are stored and can be reused also for a wagon monitoring. Wagon Status Messages can be initiated for all wagons in train set, as well for single wagons.

WDI Benefits

The main benefits of WDI are:


No need for WDI User to have own complex IT application for data capture/display.


Allows easy and quick collaboration between small and large RUs.


Large RU partners receive and send standard H30 train pre-advice messages.

User Friendly

User friendly web interface with multilingual environment (English, German, French).


Enables ISR wagon monitoring also at first and last mile operators.


WDI is currently used by one RU in Italy to receive H30 data from large RU partner(s) and by few RUs in Germany to capture train sets data for first mile operations.

How To Use WDI

Any Railway Undertaking willing to exchange data through WDI with another RailData ISR User can use the WDI tool free of charge. RU with interest to become WDI User needs to contact RailData.

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