Production migration to cloud at Amazon

Production migration to cloud at Amazon

Paris / Frankfurt, 14th January 2020  RailData migrated production of its central applications from two computer centres in Paris to cloud computing at AWS (Amazon Web Services) in Frankfurt. The migration was successfully done on Tuesday 14th January 2020. All applications were subject of this migration: ISR (with all modules), ORFEUS, CoReDa and ATTI. French IT company LUSIS has set up the new platform at AWS and performed the migration and will continue to support the operation of the central servers. Big thanks go also to Hit Rail, who managed migration of the traffic on the Hermes network.

The main reason for the migration was get bigger flexibility for future growth, with AWS we can easily and quickly increase (or decrease) computing resources as needed. Secondly, most of our existing servers were old and at end of support and would have need to replace. Now we will not need to buy new own hardware and system software and take care about updates or replacements. Last but not least we expec some operational cost savings.

Moving the operation into the Amazon cloud, RailData is preprared for further development of our services and ready for both future services expansion.

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