ORFEUS message as TAF COM

ORFEUS message as TAF COM

The main activity for ORFEUS evolution in 2022 was development of the new ECN schema version 1.6 to be compliant with TSI TAF data definitions.   
Consequently, this message was proposed as the TAF format for the Consignment Order Message (COM) in form of the TAF Change Request 317.
We are happy to announce that this proposal was accepted and the ORFEUS message shall be the official sector message for the TAF COM.
This is great achievemnt of the Telematics Experts Group number 6 ((TEG), established by the TAF-TAP TSI Joint Sector Group (JSG).
It will enable to all ORFEUS users easily fulfil the TAF COM requirement and same time the European COM implementation coverage will jump quickly.


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