ISR message version 6.0

ISR message version 6.0

Current Wagon Status Message (WSM), designed in 2012, was used in the years for a number of additional functions, built as snowball. Consequence of this evolution is, that the message structure is not object oriented, not user friendly and includes useless elements. In the meantime, other messages were developed for some specific purposes and some new requirements arrived.  

Therefore new version 6.0 of the WSM will be implemented. Main changes from older versions:

  • Clean message to report only wagon status 
  • All information above wagon status is omitted
  • Improved readability by functional element names
  • The use of attributes is avoided as far as possible
  • Adapted to TAF, e.g. TrainID is covered
  • Works with both TAF CRD and Legacy location codes
  • Enables transmit geo positions from GPS devices.

New WSM version does not cover wagon km-information (it is recommended to use the Wagon Performance Message instead). Also commercial data are not included (instead of Note created, ORFEUS message is to be used). On the other hand, Xrail data elements group is not changed. 

WSM version 6.0 will be implemented in autumn 2020, while the mapping will be done for current event types with no changes on database application level. Later we will introduce new functions (e.g. GPS geo-positions) and adapt ISR / RTIS application. 

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