RAILDATA, special group of the UIC, is an international organisation of cargo Railway Undertakings for development and production of central information and data exchange systems for European freight rail transport.

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  • RailData elections

    Basel 14h November 2019  Following to the new RailData Terms of Reference and also as consequence of resignation of Mr. Michael Pfitzner, the former General assembly chairman, elections took place at the last RailData Assemblies meetings on 13th - 14th November in Vienna.

  • RailData 25th Anniversary Event

    In 2020, RailData is going to celebrate its 25th Anniversary. The event will be organized on 2nd June 2020 in Riga, after the General Assembly meeting. This event will be held at the same venue as the 7th edition of the Global Rail Freight Conference (GRFC), organised by the UIC in partnership with Latvian Railways. 


  • Production move to Cloud at Amazon: 16th December 2019

    RailData decided to migrate operation of all its central applications from current platform to Cloud. Amazon was selected as the cloud service provider, we will use the AWS platform in Frankfurt am Main. Our software developer, French IT company LUSIS manages the migration and will continue to provide support of the production. The advantage of the Cloud is that we will have large flexibility to increase (or decrease) computing resources as needed, we will not need to buy own hardware and system software and take care about updates or replacements.

  • New RailData Terms of Reference

    Berlin, 23.5.2019   -  RailData has completely revised its earlier Statutes and the result is new Terms of Reference (ToR). New ToR include several basic changes, e.g. detach of RailData Membership from Usage of RailData IT systems. It enables the new commercial model, which makes easier and cheaper for smaller railway undertakings to use our applications. Newly it will be also possible to use the aplications, without being RailData member. ToR also allows to develop some additional functions, required by only one or few Users (they need to finance it).

  • Raildata and TSI TAF

    RailData is strongly involved in implementation of the TSI TAF (technical specification for interoperability relating to the telematics applications for freight subsystem of the rail system in the European Union). RailData also actively participates in the change process proposing several change requests for related functions.


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