WDI - Objectives

WDI (Web Data Interface)

The aim of WDI is to offer to RUs having low or small IT facilities a user-friendly web interface to operate electronic message exchange with RailData railway undertakings.

WDI is web based cloud solution, which allows:

  •  Data capturing of necessary data set for train handover / takeover procedure.
  •  H30 Message creation in XML-format (version 1.04b).
  •  Communication processes for sending and receiving of the messages.
  •  Display of received H30 messages with option of export and print its content,
  •  Comfortable work with own data – update mechanism.
  •  Comfortable work with messages – display, upload, download.
  •  System administration including the user management.

In addition, wagon status messages (e.g. arrival, departure, pulled, delivered) can also be sent at wagon level via WDI. This way, tracking of wagons is also possible if first/last mile operators outside RailData are involved.

General features of the system:

  • User friendly environment
  • Easy extendable architecture
  • Multilingual environment ((English, German, French)
  • Support provided for users