ORFEUS - Organisation

  • ORFEUS is an information system developed and operated by RailData.
  • ORFEUS Assembly provides management of the service.
  • A chairman of the assembly is elected by the assembly members.
  • Current Chairman of the Assembly is Mr. Lothar Schneemann (DB Cargo Deutschland), since November 2012.
  • Technical issues are handled and coordinated by the ORFEUS Experts group meetings.
  • The User Support Centre provides the support of the production. Its office is located in Basel.
  • Computer Centers of LUSIS in Aubervilliers and Paris are responsible for the production of the central CDS application.


Companies interested in membership in ORFEUS can contact Lothar Schneemann  lothar.schneemann@deutschebahn.com

You can also write to/visit Raildata at the following address:

  • RailData
  • Centralbahnstrasse 11
  • CH - 4051 BASEL