ATTI Quality Management System

ATTI is a way of ensuring interoperability in the rail freight sector. It stands for "Agreement on freight Train Transfer Inspection". This agreement lays down rules for the transfer of interoperable freight trains and wagons between participating RUs; these are based on the GCU (General Contract of Use for Wagons). In order to facilitate international freight transport, the participating RUs undertake to comply with the agreement.

ATTI is managed by the ATTI SG which is a UIC special group within the Freight Forum. It is made up of Railway Undertanings (RUs), some of which are UIC members and some of which are not. For more details see the ATTI page:

ATTI also covers single Quality Management System (QMS), where all quality indicators are documented in the ATTI Quality Database. It can be used also for RUs' own quality documentation

Web-Application „ATTI - QMS“  has been deveoped and is operated by RailData on request from ATTI SG. This tool provides an important IT support which is needed for:

• planning of interoperable freight trains/wagons, which one RU operate with other RU´s
• calculation of sample size of inspections
• consolidation and calculation of quality indicators
• documentation and reporting of  irregularities