New ORFEUS message version and flow

New ORFEUS message version and flow

RailData is implementing new version 1.5 of the ORFEUS message called Electronic Consignment Note (ECN). Same time also new message flow (scenario for exchange of functional messages) will be introduced. 

The new version: 

  • Supports the new commercial “sales & purchase” model, where contractual (or successive) carriers can order transport services not only from substitute carriers (so called role 2), but also from traction providers (role 3),  
  • Uses  new TAF location codes structure,  
  • Simplifies integrity and acceptance rules for processing of received messages,
  • Adds new customs procedure codes of the CIM consignment note 
  • Enables deletion of wagon during transport
  • Allows repetition of carriers with same company code 
  • Adds a marker for processing of ISR events
  • Enables sent messages to carriers in role 3 also via email as pdf

In addition, the electronic consignment order message (for carriers in role 3) is in due consideration to be accepted as sector message to replace the TAF TSI consignment order message. 

New flow is rather simplified, since some not used or not needed message types were removed. On the other hand, new message types were added to support the carriers in role 3. 

New message version and flow is installed on ORFEUS test system already and move to production is expected before end of this year. 

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