ISR - Organisation

  • ISR is an information system developed and operated by RailData.
  • ISR assembly provides management of the system.
  • Chairman of the assembly is elected by the assembly members always for 2 years.
  • The chairman of the Assembly is Mr. Petr Červinka (ČD Cargo) - since June 2017).
  • Technical issues are handled and coordinated by the ISR Experts group meetings.
  • The User Support Centre provides the support of the production. Its office is located in Basel.
  • The software of the ISR system was designed by LUSIS, who also do maintenance and new developments.
  • Computer Centers of LUSIS in Aubervilliers and Paris are responsible for the production of the central CDS application.


Companies interested in membership in ISR can contact Petr Červinka

You can also write to/visit Raildata at the following address:

  • Centralbahnstrasse 11
  • CH - 4051 BASEL