ISR - Objectives

International Service Reliability (ISR) is an information system developed and operated by RailData. It is a common tool of ISR railway undertakings for concentration and exchange information about movements of freight wagons in international traffic through a central platform. It makes possible to track both loaded and empty freight wagons and consignments across significant part of Europe.

ISR is the key factor to be competitive on the market and trustworthy for the customer. It enables both visible customer service improvement and significant cost savings.

Besides basic function for sharing information about actual status and position of freight wagons, ISR also offers additional information services:

  • Stores the wagon movement events in databse  (for about 2 months),
  • Enables to seach in the movement events data through dedicated web site,
  • Estimates time of arrival based on experience of same past transports,
  • Calculates estimated wagon mileage (km done) based on different sources,
  • Integrates transport descriptions from commercial systems (from ORFEUS),
  • Monitors wagons during the train run (using train movement information from TIS),
  • Offers manual input of information (community cloud for data capturing).

The ISR members use the ISR data for several purposes, mainly for:

  • Customer information
  • Wagon Tracking
  • Trip Analysis
  • Transport tracking (as forwarding, transit or destination railway undertaking)
  • Wagon Usage Planing
  • Wagon performance measurement (estimated km done)
  • Single wagon performance analysis (via X-Rail)

ISR is also measure for implementation of the TSI TAF regulation (technical specification for interoperability relating to the telematics applications for freight subsystem of the rail system in the European Union) for the function Wagon Movement Reporting.