CoReDa = Commercial Responsibility Database is central freight wagons database, designed by RailData on request and functional order from the UIC Wagon users Study group. This tool provides an important IT support for the European freight railway undertakings (RUs). Each RU operating a wagon should be able to find out the current keeper and commercial responsible related to this wagon.

In the past it was enough to know the 12 digit wagon number written on each wagon. In 2014 the TSI have changed and the wagon number has to remain the same during the whole life cycle. It can be changed only based on a fundamental technical rebuilding.

Currently the wagon number doesn’t say anything about the wagon keeper any more and who the responsible body for the commercial use of the wagon is. The RUs operating in freight business need to know who the keeper and the responsible of the wagons they are running are. The VKM (vehicle keeper marking) is written on the wagon and gives the information about the keeper. The keeper can delegate the responsibility for the commercial use to another RU  and they can do the same to the next RU. If the responsibility is given to another RU, other RU needs the information for productional and commercial reasons.

Before CoReDa was implemented all RU´s exchanged Excel-sheets (everybody with everybody) monthly. The RU´s announced for which wagon number they have the commercial responsibility and who is the keeper for this wagon. This was inefficient,  costly and the information were not  up-to-date.

The target system covers the requirements of the user community:

  • Store the data concerning commercial responsibility for the wagon.
  • Store the data concerning keeper of the wagon including VKM (vehicle keeper marking).
  • Allow update the data by sending a file containing new values.
  • Allow particular data update via web user interface.
  • Make the data accessible via web service with defined parameters.
  • Distribute changes automatically with the given frequency.
  • Distribute the complete content  of wagons (with current responsible, without history)
  • Build a web application for data consulting, basic database operations and user administration.
  • Different access rights: read only, full access, railway administrator, system administrator.
  • Keep online history for two years.
  • Keep offline history for at least 10 years.

Centralized solution was chosen as the most efficient. The system is currently focused on RU requests.

There are three basic components of the system:


Related functionality:

  • Conflict management
  • Archiving

Web application (CoReDa Web Centre)

Related functionality:

  • Create, update and delete records for a wagon
  • Allow queries concerning current wagon situation, history of wagon keeper and commercial responsible, record update date is published
  • Authentication and user management


Related functionality:

  1. Web service:
    • Receive and process the insert, update and delete files.
    • Process the queries concerning the current situation of one or more wagons or the situation in timeframe given by parameters.
    • Process the query for general upload
    • Process the query for changes
  2. FTP / SFTP communication channel:
    • Receive and process the insert, update and delete files.
    • Send general download.
    • Send daily change report.

CoReDa version 2 was launched in January 2016. The main features of this version were:

  • Inserts and updates of data in the past are not possible any longer.
  • The responsible for a wagon is also responsible for the maintenance of his data. He can't change records of other responsibles.

CoReDa version 3 is in production since  October 2018. The main new functionalities are:

  • Better data handling.
  • More comfortable web-GUI. 

CoReDa advantages:

  • information about wagon responsibility can be updated on a daily basis
  • data input and output can be made via electronical interfaces or web-service
  • no need for manual input in the own IT-systems
  • accurate basis for billing and production
  • costly processes for changing excel-sheets are only necessary for «not CoReDa RUs»