Conditions for RailData Users:

  • Is active freight Railway Undertaking,
  • Uses (in any way) the RailData IT System(s),
  • Accepts and signs relevant IT System User Agreement,
  • Meets the conditions of the IT System User Agreement,
  • Pays the IT System usage fees,
  • Provides at least minimum data to the IT System,
  • Can participate in IT System experts meetings.

Being a User itself does not implicate Co-ownership of any RailData assets nor participation or voting right in any RailData Assembly (unless invited as guest).

A company willing to become a RailData IT System User, has to address written request to the RailData Chairman. Then the relevant IT System Assembly or General Assembly decides if the application is accepted.

Customers of Railway Undertakings cannot have direct access to RailData services as Users. They can be served by relevant RailData User.

IT System User Agreement defines specific conditions, among other for:

  • Brief description of the IT Service,
  • Service level agreement,
  • Use and sharing of the data sent and received through the IT System,
  • The fees for usage of the IT System,
  • Maximum period, until a new User has start to fulfil the conditions for Users,
  • Description of minimum data to be provided by User in the IT System,
  • Termination rules of the User Agreement both by RailData and the User.