The highest management level of RailData presents its General Assembly in which all RailData Members are represented.

The actual leaders of the General Assembly:

  • Chairman of RailData General Assembly is Mr Mark Verhulst (LINEAS). He was elected at the General assembly meeting on 14th November 2019.
  • Vice-Chairman of RailData General Assembly is Mr Tommy Ransmark (Green Cargo). He was elected at the General assembly meeting on 30th May 2018.

RailData IT systems services  (development, maintenance and operation) are managed by specific  IT Service Assemblies in which only participating RailData Members are represented. IT Service Assemblies are autonomous in the organisation of their activities.

Presently there are three IT Services  Assemblies:

  • ISR Assembly, chaired by Mr Petr Červinka
    (ČD Cargo) - since June 2017, re-elected in November 2019.
  • ORFEUS Assembly, chaired by Mr Lothar Schneeman (DBCDE) - since November 2012, re-elected in November 2019.
  • CoReDa Assembly, chaired by Mr Christian Kühnast (DBCDE - since May 2019)

All the Assemblies chairmen and the Raildata vice-chairman are elected for a period of two years.

On-going management of RailData is ensured by the Executive Committee (RDx). Members of the Executive Committee (RDx) are the Chairman and the Vice Chairman of the General Assembly and the Chairmen of the core IT Service Assemblies. The RDx is presided over by the Chairman of the General Assembly. RDx reports to the General Assembly.

Each assembly can establish an Experts Group. Expert groups are consulting the IT Service Assembly by approving the proposals of the User Support Centre concerning Change Requests. An expert group shall connect inputs and ensure coordination from a functional, technical and data quality view point among all users. If required, ad hoc Working Groups can be set up to deal with particular subjects.

Today there are three Experts Groups:

  • ISR Experts Group for co-ordination of the ISR system, including RTIS, WDI, and Mileage functions.
  • ORFEUS Experts Group for co-ordination of the ORFEUS system.
  • TSI TAF Experts Group for TAF analysis and sector handbook specifications.

The day-by-day production of the applications is supported by the User Service Centre (USC) in Basel. USC takes part also in the evolution of the applications and practically manages new implementations.

Current User Service Centre team compounds from:

  • Mr Oliver Kundt, who provides application support (mainly for ISR) - since October 2015.
  • Mr Alexander Martinez, who provides application support (mainly for ISR) - since November 1995.
  • Mr Ralf Gutbrod, who provides application support (mainly for ORFEUS) - since August 2011.
  • Mrs Edith Waldvogel, who keeps the Raildata accounts - since November 1995.

Development, operation and maintenance of railway undertaking's applications, communicating with the RailData IT service are in the responsibility of participating Users.