RailData is an international organisation of European cargo Railway Undertakings. It is established as a special group of the International Union of Railways (UIC).


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The main purpose of RailData is to design, develop and run IT services to support the European freight railway business of its users.

Currently, six applications are in production:

  • ORFEUS (Open Rail Freight EDI User System) - consignment/wagon CIM/CUV note data exchange
  • ISR (International Service Reliability) - wagon movement and status reporting
  • WDI (Web Data Interface) - web form for capture and presentation of train consist data and of wagon movement
  • RTIS (Running Train Information System) - processing of train running movement information
  • CoReDa (Commercial Responsibility Database) - wagon database with current responsible keeper
  • ATTI (Agreement on Technical Transfer Inspection for wagon exchanges) - quality management system database


  • Applications RTIS and WDI are integrated with the ISR application.
  • CoReDa and ATTI are developed and run for the UIC Wagon User Group