Conditions for RailData Members:

RailData Member:

  • Is freight Railway Undertaking (exceptions could be agreed by the General Assembly),
  • Respects this Terms of Reference,
  • Contributes to the annual RailData General Assembly budget,
  • Is same time User of at least one core RailData IT Service,
  • Is co-owner of RailData assets, including IT applications IP rights,
  • Can attend and vote in General and IT System Assemblies of RailData.

Any active freight Railway Undertaking can ask the General Assembly for membership in RailData with a written request, addressed to RailData Chairman. Then the General Assembly decides if the application is accepted.

Non-UIC members may become members of RailData under the same conditions, respecting the Internal Regulation of UIC n.3 Art. 4.1 and 4.2.

Since all Members have to be at the same time Users of at least one core IT Service, it is required that new Member is obliged to fulfil conditions for Users within one year after their Membership acceptance. If this condition is not fulfilled, the Member may be excluded.

There are 13 European railway undertakings members of RailData now. For an actual list of RailData members, please see the Members Sites section.