RailData was established at its 1st (constitutional) meeting on 23.3.1995 in Bern. Formally, this Special Group was established in October 1995 at the 175th UIC Board of Management Meeting and was given financial autonomy pursuant to the statutes in force at the time (Art. 53). 

In accordance with Art.4.2 c of UIC Internal Regulation R3, the 72nd General Assembly in Seoul 20.05.2008 re-granted signatory authority to the Chairman of the RailData Special Group (without staff recruitment).

RailData evolved from previous two ambitious UIC IT projects:

HIPPS – Hermes International Production Planning and control System

  • 1990 - 1994 team did specifications for 4 functions
  • F1.1 (theoretical trip plan) and F2,3,4 (real plan, monitor, actions)

DOCIMEL - DOCument CIM Electronique

  • CIT defined basic principles for paperless CIM in 1985
  • The UIC team completed specs for 102 messages in 1992
  • It proved too complex, no consensus, unrealistic that time
  • 1993: 5 railways agreed on a central system and found Euraildata
  • 1994: specifications for ORFEUS, start with just 1 message

The most efficient way to learn about the history of RailData is to see the History Overview, presented by Petr Cervinka at the RAILDATA 15th Anniversary celebration event in Florenz on 24th November 2010. It gives a summary of the background and milestones both of the organization and its applications. It also gives an overview of the RAILDATA team - listing all the great people who contributed to the success of Rail Data.