RailData is financed through contributions from its Members and fees from users and clients of RailData IT Systems.


Common Budget:

Costs which are general for the RailData organisation and that cannot be charged to any IT Service in particular shall be treated as RailData overheads and shall be charged to the Common budget. Each RailData Member shall contribute towards the Common budget at equal shares. Amounts collected from the Clients of IT Systems are income for the Common budget and will decrease the fees of Members.

IT Systems Budgets:

Usage of an IT Service shall be charged to its Users on the basis of a cost distribution system specific to the IT Service. The fees shall be proposed by the RDx and agreed by the IT Service Assembly  concerned. Fees have to be fair for the Users so they need to take account of different extent of usage by individual users. Therefore they can include fixed part (equal to each user with same type of technical interface) and variable part (based on number of messages or events during the previous year).

Cost distribution system shall be revised each year for the next one, and published internally as annex to the IT Service User Agreement. Specific entry fee may be collected from new Users if decided by the IT Service Assembly.

Costs of IT service directly managed by General Assembly shall be charged to its Users (e.g. a Third Party) based on specific price/costs coverage agreement. Amounts collected in this way for IT system shall be used to finance the operation and maintenance of the IT System, as well as all modifications and extensions.